Liberation is Real: Read an Excerpt from the 2022 Passover Resource

Liberation is Real: Read an Excerpt from the 2022 Passover Resource

April 13, 2022

We made something special for your Passover. Read on for an excerpt from Bend the Arc’s 2022 Passover Resource — and download Four Cups of Liberation to use at your seder.


This year, our new Passover resource reflects on the radical idea that we can all truly be free.

Check out this excerpt from Four Cups of Liberation:

Hand-drawn digital illustration of a dark blue bird on a blue background of sky and clouds, drawn abstractly. Text, as part of the illustration, reads, \

Cup 1: Liberation is Real


Do you believe liberation is possible, really possible? Because in this moment, in the third Passover of a pandemic, as a backlash against racial justice and equality and history washes over this country, are we really able to believe that all of us, no matter our race, class, or faith can be truly free?


It’s understandable if we’re tired. It’s understandable if our moral imaginations are constricted in a place of narrowness. But the Passover seder is an invitation to break out of those confines; it’s an invitation to believe. We can be free—and free from the white supremacy, antisemitism, and racism that shape the society we live in.


Download Four Cups of Liberation to use at your seder.


One early downloader shared, “These readings are beautifully written, thought provoking and hands-on. I will share at my Seder Friday night and forward these powerful words to friends, family, and colleagues. Many thanks. Here's to a meaningful and lively Pesach for all!”

We hope you also love the inspiring illustrations and readings you'll find in Four Cups of Liberation.

As a whole, they paint a picture of what liberation can look like — and of the work we must do to get there, together.

On the left is a colorful blue and orange image of chains breaking to reveal butterflies. Text in the illustration reads, "Liberation is transformation."  In the center are a child and an adult sitting in a yellow field, next to a red and blue forest and under a red sun with a purple cloud. Text in the illustration reads, "Liberation is our ancestors' dreaming."  On the right is a person with footsteps in front of and behind them on yellow sand dunes under a dark blue night sky with stars. Text in the illustration reads, "Liberation is a constant journey."

Download Four Cups of Liberation — your free Passover Resource today — and send us a photo or story when you use it at your seder this weekend!

Chag Pesach sameach. Wishing you a joyous Passover,

The Bend the Arc team