One year after Pittsburgh, Jews and allies pledge solidarity

One year after Pittsburgh, Jews and allies pledge solidarity

We remember the 11 Jews murdered at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh one year ago.

As Jews and allies, we reject fear and division, and we embrace diversity and inclusion.

We commit to organize toward a vibrant, multiracial democracy. #OurSolidarityWill build a country where all of us can be free and safe, no matter what we look like or where we come from.

We commit to hold callous politicians and corporations accountable for inciting violence and spreading fear to keep us divided. #OurSolidarityWill put them out of power and out of business.

And we commit to demand that every candidate running for office put forward concrete plans to combat the lies and policies that are killing so many of us. #OurSolidarityWill defeat white nationalism.

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One year ago, a white nationalist murdered 11 Jews at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh.

We knew then that Trump and his enablers were responsible for spreading the lies and fear that incited violence in Pittsburgh — and they’ve only doubled down in the last year, leading to more violence and deaths. 

That’s why thousands of Pittsburgh Jews and allies marched in protest of Trump’s visit to Squirrel Hill one year ago.

White nationalists and the politicians who enable them are putting all our lives in danger, from mass shootings to anti-immigrant policies, in order to create a country that’s only for themselves. They’re putting all of us — immigrants, Jews, Muslim people, Black people, Latinx people, Sikhs, indigenous people, LGTBQ people, and people with disabilities — in danger.

Today, the most powerful thing we can do is act together in solidarity for an inclusive democracy. 

Above is a sign-on letter from a multiracial, multifaith movement for our futures. Join us now.

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