Tell Congress: Save Asylum Now

Tell Congress: Save Asylum Now

Right NOW the Senate is debating whether or not to dismantle the right to seek asylum and to funnel more money to immigrant detention and deportations. It is critical that your member of Congress hear from you, their constituents.

Here is a call script you can use today:

Senator _________,

My name is _______ and I am from _______. As a Jewish American, I am calling to oppose the extremely harmful immigration policies the Senate is considering right now.

These policies include would demolish the right to seek asylum, especially for people of color, dangerously expand immigrant detention, and result in more deportations across the country, tearing immigrant families apart.

Passing these policies, coupled with even more funding for immigration and border enforcement, would have devastating consequences both at the border, and across country including in our state for countless people.

I urge Senator _______ to safeguard asylum, oppose nationwide deportations, and reject additional funding to ICE and CBP.

Thank you.