Tell Democratic Leadership: Don’t Cave to the GOP

Tell Democratic Leadership: Don’t Cave to the GOP

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Right now, Congress is negotiating the next government funding package — and if they can’t come to an agreement by October 1 at midnight, the government will shut down.

So much is on the line right now as GOP representatives try to enact their harmful, extremist policy agenda through government funding — including more money for their border wall, demonizing our LGBTQ family, restricting abortion rights, and drastic cuts to health care and essential social services.

Add your name to urge Democratic Leadership to only commit Democratic votes to support a government funding package that:

  1. Does not contain harmful, extremist policy riders including those aimed at restricting reproductive rights, demonizing LGBTQ people, infringing on the local governance of the people of Washington, D.C., and attacking critical race theory; and
  2. Does not contain funding for immigrant detention, enforcement, and surveillance as part of a supplemental funding package

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