It’s the Jewish New Year. Here’s How You Can Demand Congress Hold ICE & CBP Accountable

This Jewish New Year, Congress Must Atone For Attacks on Immigrants

Congress has a major opportunity to atone for violence against immigrants and rein in ICE and CBP, the agencies responsible for enforcing cruel immigration policies in this country. 

The biggest fight on immigration this year will be over funding. Here’s how: Right now, Congress is figuring out how to fund the government, determining how much money different agencies (including ICE and CBP) get. Funding bills like these are known as must-pass bills — if Congress doesn’t pass them, the federal government shuts down. That means this is our biggest chance to push Congress to cut funding to ICE and CBP and hold them accountable for their abuses.  

During the High Holidays, American Jews and allies are planning events to visit, write, and call their members of Congress to demand they Defund Hate.

We need you to add to the chorus and contact your member of Congress today. Let’s make sure every single one of them hears us loud and clear:

For our collective safety:
Close the camps.
End family separation.
Hold ICE and CBP accountable.
Defund Hate.