Donate to help win this election in the final stretch

Donate to help win this election in the final stretch

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Our powerful team of volunteers has sent over 3 million calls and texts to help voters safely vote for Joe Biden. Now, we're mobilizing to contact as many voters as possible in the final hours. 

The races in the states where we’re contacting voters — Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Arizona, and Minnesota — will be incredibly close. Your donation could be the difference in turning out the voters needed to remove Trump and his enablers from office.

Donate today to power this work. 

Bend the Arc Jewish Action, Inc. is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization that engages in legislative lobbying.Contributions to support its work are not tax-deductible. Federal rules may require Bend the Arc: Jewish Action to disclose the contribution on its reports to the Federal Election Commission.

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