Vote Out Fear: Phone and textbank to defeat Trump

Vote Out Fear: Phone and textbank to defeat Trump

Until every polling place closes, our texts and calls will make a difference.

Join Bend the Arc to text and phonebank these Jewish and swing state voters to make sure Trump’s fear tactics don’t get their vote.

We’re not going to stand by as Republicans put Jews and our neighbors in extreme danger — we’re going to rise up as one to build a country that is truly for all of us.

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I’m phone banking with Bend the Arc because it’s something I can do. We need to reach out to voters, any way possible. Voter suppression and trauma around this election are real. For us to engage, identify Biden voters, make sure they have all the info they need to get ballots on time, turn them in on time. Stay in touch, through the process. That’s something we can do.

— Stacie, phonebanker with Bend the Arc

Vote out Fear: Florida

We’re starting this program in Florida! With its 29 electoral votes, Donald Trump could win Pennsylvania, Ohio, Arizona, AND Wisconsin — and still lose the election if Florida goes blue. And at 4% of eligible voters, Jewish Floridians could be a significant force in making Florida be where Trump’s presidency comes to an end.

Vote out Fear: Georgia

For the first time in nearly 30 years, thanks to the historic unpopularity of the Trump administration, a Republican presidential candidate could lose the state of Georgia. And due to a series of unusual events, both of Georgia’s Senate seats will be on the ballot. If Trump leads the GOP to a major loss in Georgia, Democrats will be much closer to retaking control of the Senate, in addition to the White House.

2 phonebanks with 60 volunteers = 1,000 Jewish swing voters contacted in Florida

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