#We Remember: Albuquerque Community Tashlich for Immigrant Justice


This year, on the days between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, American Jews are mourning and taking action to stop attacks on immigrant families.

At the same time, the Trump administration is continuing to ask Congress for billions more dollars to escalate its cruelty on immigrant families and communities — including raids, cages, more family separation. On the holiest days of the Jewish year, how can we ask for forgiveness while our government commits crimes against immigrants in our names?

Join the Jewish community in Albuquerque for a community Tashlich Action. We will come together for ritual, reflection, and to ground our work in our Jewish ancestral tradition as we recommit ourselves to act boldly to end the cruelty of the detention system in the new year.  Please bring any ritual offerings you wish to add to our communal reflection.

We are meeting on the street in front of the Nature Center where Candelaria dead-ends.  We are NOT meeting at the Visitor Center.

You can pay to park at the Nature Center or park for free on the residential street Trellis/Veranda (same street, name changes) at the corner of Candelaria.

This action is in coordination with thousands of Jews around the country who are asking every Member of Congress to Defund Hate by cutting funding to and holding accountable ICE and CBP, the agencies that enforce Trump’s violent immigration policies.

During these Days of Awe our Jewish communities will say: “We remember and we reject attacks on immigrants.”

We remember the names of the children who have died in US custody.
We remember the families kept in cages, without soap, blankets, or water.
We remember the screams of children whose parents were rounded up in raids.
We reflect on our own history and how our people have been scapegoated, forced to flee, detained, and enslaved in the fight for freedom.
We atone for not doing more to stop our tax dollars from being used to dehumanize and attack immigrants.

And we commit to demanding Congress #DefundHate.

Date & Time

October 02, 2019 at 2pm
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Google Map of 2901 NW Candelaria Rd Albuquerque NM

Candelaria Trail access to the Bosque Trail
2901 NW Candelaria Rd
Albuquerque, NM 87107
United States

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Amelia Paradise

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