PHOTOS: Hanukkah solidarity across the country

PHOTOS: Hanukkah solidarity across the country

December 01, 2021

During Hanukkah in 2021, you might have seen a special poster in the window next to a lit menorah. Hundreds of Jews and allies downloaded our 2021 poster, declaring a commitment to dreidels, chocolate gelt, and fighting for a country where all of us are safe and free.

Below you’ll find photos of windows, living rooms, work places, and rallies where the poster was proudly displayed. (You can still download the free poster here and send us your photo to [email protected]!)

Lighting candles or hanging a Hanukkah poster in your window, at work, or in public space is a way to share joy and solidarity and the Jewish tradition of resilience and resistance.

The poster was inspired by the events in Billings, Montana in 1995, where a Jewish family’s home was vandalized after a young boy displayed a menorah in his window. A Native family and a nearby Black church were also attacked by white supremacists. In response, the Billings community came together in solidarity, with 10,000 people putting menorahs in their windows and saying “Not In Our Town.”

Over the past few years, we’ve worked together to beat back the white nationalist movement — whether in the streets or in the halls of power — and build a country where all of us are safe and thriving. That’s something truly worth celebrating.

🕎 Download your Hanukkah poster here 🕎