[Action Needed] Keep a pathway to citizenship in budget reconciliation

UPDATE: A pathway to citizenship is in the preliminary budget resolution! Take action with us to keep it there.


We have great news: Last month, Sen. Bernie Sanders, in his role as the Chair of the Senate Budget Committee, released the preliminary budget resolution — and it includes a pathway to citizenship for millions of immigrants!

This is the result of months of inspiring organizing by our movement and coalition partners demanding immigrant justice. But the fight isn’t over. We are still early in the budget reconciliation process and must continue to rise with our partners until a recovery package with a pathway to citizenship is on President Biden’s desk.

By showing the breadth and power of our movements, we are on our way towards transforming our immigration system. Right now we have over 2,000 signatures on our petition. Help us double it — add your name.


We are organizing as part of We Are Home, a coalition led by United We Dream, UndocuBlack Network, National Domestic Workers Alliance, Detention Watch Network, National Immigration Law Center, CHIRLA, Make the Road NY and more.

Our movement has a key task right now — rise together and make sure that a pathway to citizenship remains in the budget resolution, throughout all negotiations and markups, and in the final reconciliation bill.

Immigration policy is deeply personal to the American Jewish community. Jewish families — here and elsewhere — have been denied entry, scapegoated, forced to flee, detained, and enslaved. That’s why Bend the Arc members like you fought so hard for the Democratic trifecta, and why we’re seizing this opportunity to transform our immigration system, especially after four years of playing defense under Trump.

Millions of our immigrant friends and families (including Jewish immigrants) are on the verge of winning dignity and civil rights because of powerful immigrant-led organizing.

The pressure is working, and we have policymakers on our side — we just need to keep it up. Read this powerful statement from Illinois Rep. Chuy García on including a pathway to citizenship in reconciliation:

"A robust and equitable budget reconciliation deal must include a pathway to citizenship for immigrants — our country can’t make a full recovery without it, and I can’t support any deal that leaves so many people in my district behind."1 


Now is the time to keep organizing and make sure Congress keeps a pathway to citizenship in budget reconciliation. Add your name to demand immigrant justice in the upcoming recovery package. 

In solidarity,

Bend the Arc: Jewish Action

PS: Here’s what’s next, the process is constantly changing but these are our current expectations 

Before Congress takes an August recess, we expect negotiations over the budget resolution to conclude and that a budget resolution will pass. This resolution will provide more detailed instructions for the reconciliation and appropriations processes. Then, committees use those instructions to draft a reconciliation bill that can pass with just 51 votes in the Senate (our best opportunity to win a pathway to citizenship), as well as in the House, and head to the White House for President Biden’s signature.

We are bending the arc towards a country that is truly for all of us — join us in making sure Congress and the President pass a pathway to citizenship for millions. 


  1. Congressman García’s Statement Regarding Budget Reconciliation Negotiations