How Bend the Arc is rising against white supremacy

With Bend the Arc, you’re part of a movement of Jewish Americans and allies rising together to repair the damage of the last 4 years, face the white supremacy of the last 400 years, and build towards a new America we’ve yet to see — sometimes all at once.

In the past two weeks, we’ve felt the ripple effects of history and we’ve glimpsed new possibilities for the future. We live in a moment where pain and possibility, trauma and transformation, are all present all around us.

Here are two ways you’ve shown up with Bend the Arc to meet this moment and rise in solidarity with all who are targeted for what they look like or where they come from — because we know that until all of us are safe, none of us are safe.

Rising for 5 million immigrants to win dignity and belonging


Last week, two historic immigration bills passed in the House of Representatives. Bend the Arc leaders and supporters (thank you) sent thousands of messages to over 300 members of the House in support of both the Dream and Promise Act and the Farm Workforce Modernization Act.

Now millions of immigrants are one step closer to winning dignity and civil rights because of the powerful organizing of immigrants and allies.

We are proud to be part of that movement, from fighting to pass immigration reform since 2013 to rising up for the Dream Act with the largest Act of Jewish civil disobedience in the halls of congress in 2018, and in cities across the country.

Passing these bills is an important first step in our fight for a pathway to citizenship for all 11 million undocumented people living and working in this country. Here’s what’s coming next:

🗳️ Demand the Senate pass these bills. Send a letter to your senators with our partners at United We Dream
🙌 Organize with us and the We Are Home campaign for pathways to citizenship for all 11 million of our undocumented neighbors, family members, and friends
🛑 Rise with us and our partners at the Defund Hate Coalition to disinvest our tax dollars from ICE and CBP’s violent campaign against immigrant communities and towards resources that strengthen our families and communities.

Stay tuned for more actions you can take for immigrant justice with Bend the Arc.

Rising in Solidarity with our AAPI family


Our multiracial Jewish community knows all too well what it’s like to mourn because of white supremacist violence. Last week, we launched a solidarity letter in response to the murder of eight people in Atlanta, including six Asian American women.

Earlier today, we delivered the letter with over 4000 signatures to our partners at AAPI organizations. To our Asian Asian American family, including AAPI Jews, we rise and say:

We love you. We are with you, and we will fight alongside you for a country where all of us are safe.

We know that some politicians have chosen to put our communities in danger as they spout anti-Asian rhetoric to distract from their inaction during a pandemic. They do this as they vilify the movement for Black lives, as they spread fear about immigrant families, and as they fuel antisemitism. As a multiracial Jewish community, we know our safety is in solidarity.

Together, we’re going to continue:

🙌 rising with all communities targeted by white national violence
📢 demanding accountability for all those in power who continue to manufacture fear and division to hold onto power at any cost
💪 dismantling racist systems that harm our neighbors and communities

This letter was an important step in practicing solidarity. Here are additional resources and ways you can show up:

Thank you for taking action with us as we work to build an America where everyone is truly safe and free, no exceptions.

In solidarity,
Bend the Arc