Our new goal: Power our work to defeat Trump

We are breaking through and we can win! Our new goal is 1,500,000 Jewish and swing state voter contacts — to help defeat Trump in this election.

I am blown away by how hard you and so many in our community are willing to work with Bend the Arc to vote out fear this election.

In a moment like no other — despite the pandemic, despite Trump’s transparent attempts to undermine the election, despite all their lies and fascist propaganda — we are breaking through. And we can win. Nearly everyday, Bend the Arc volunteers are changing minds and securing the votes of Jewish and other swing state voters who could be the margin of victory.

Our initial goal was to make 250,000 phone calls and texts to Jewish voters in swing states before November 3. But thanks to the incredible support of our volunteers, we’ve already made that goal three times over!

Now we’re setting out to send an unmistakable message from the Jewish community this election with a new goal of 1,500,000 Jewish and swing state voter contacts. But we urgently need your help to grow our budget to run this program at a much larger scale.

Donate $18 now to power our work to win this election and build a better America.

We just learned this week that the Trump campaign is shifting millions of dollars of TV ad spending away from the Midwest and into Florida, Georgia, and Arizona — 3 of the very states where we’re talking to Jewish and swing voters.

We don’t have those kinds of resources, but we have you and hundreds of volunteers who are joining together through Vote Out Fear phone and text banks to push white nationalism out of the halls of power.

After text banking, Ariel, a Bend the Arc leader in Florida, shared:

“Takeaway: Phone banking and text banking WORKS. You can literally sway an undecided voter. You can literally motivate someone with no voting plan to show up. There are SO many shifts happening every single day for swing state voters and it’s sooo easy to sign up and do it.”

We started this program with an ambitious goal of a quarter-million voter contacts — but your energy to defeat Trump and build a country for all of us surpassed our wildest hopes. If we can grow our budget right now, we can pay for the technology we need to win.

Help us reach our new goal of 1,500,000 calls and texts to Jewish and swing state voters with an $18 donation.

When we vote Donald Trump out of office, it will be because people all over the country, like you and I, joined together to fulfill the promise of a nation where everyone experiences freedom, fairness, security, and belonging no matter what we look like or where we come from.

In solidarity and in celebration,

Stosh Cotler

Vote Out Fear phone and text banks are part of Bend the Arc’s We Rise As One campaign, a national mobilization of Jews and allies across the country rising up in solidarity to build a country that is truly for all of us.