This is what Jewish activism looks like in📍30 cities📍

This is what Jewish activism looks like in📍30 cities📍

October 14, 2020

Four years ago, in the face of Trump’s fear and division, Jewish activists reached out and asked, “What can I do?” 

In response, we created the Moral Minyan program to help Jewish people across the country step into leadership and organize a powerful Jewish resistance. And we just reached a new milestone with our network growing to 30 local groups!

These groups — from Seattle to South Florida, Denver to Austin — are organizing their local Jewish communities to rise up in unprecedented numbers to build a country that is truly for all of us and push white nationalism out of the halls of power. 

Celebrate 30 local groups in 4 years with us, and support the work with an $18 donation.

This work is not possible without the generous support of our community — people who know that our progressive activism grounded in Jewish values is helping dismantle the machinery of hate.

Here a few examples of powerful organizing from Bend the Arc leaders in 2020:

Producing urgent resources for voters

A group of dedicated volunteers, including teachers, lawyers, homelessness service-providers, and public health experts researched and assessed the propositions on the November ballot in California. They produced a stunning 18-page voter guide with grounding in progressive Jewish values.

Advancing our narrative in local papers

Bend the Arc’s local groups are demonstrating the Jewish commitment to a future where all of us are safe and free — and the media is paying attention. Some big press hits include:

  • Ann Arbor Moral Minyan led a Tisha b’Av service and protest focused on Jews for Black Lives;
  • Pittsburgh leaders were on a widely-publicized panel with Steelers’ Zach Banner about solidarity;
  • Kentucky leader Farrah Alexander shared her experience being a mom and an activist in a book published in 2020!

Organizing to win local and national races

Through our We Rise As One Electoral Partnership Program, our leaders are working directly with campaigns to elect progressive champions in national and local races across the country:

Joe Biden - Kamala Harris (President - Vice-President) Barbara Bollier (KS-Sen) 
Chris Bubser (CA-08) Sara Gideon (ME-Sen)
Jackie Gordon (NY-02) Theresa Greenfield (IA-Sen)
Josh Harder (CA-10) Betsy Dirksen Londrigan (IL-13)
Mary Gay Scanlon (PA-5) Debbie Mucarsel-Powell (FL-26)
Kate Schroder (OH-1) Mike Siegel (TX-10)
Susan Wild (PA-7) Steve Bullock (MT-Sen)
Joyce Elliott (AR-02) John Hickenlooper (CO-Sen)

Bend the Arc leaders have built so much power all over the country. Donate $18 to celebrate 30 local groups in 4 years with us.

Your donation builds Bend the Arc’s power not just for this election, but for a transformative future where we can all live, love, and thrive.

Anti-racism trainings across the country

Regardless of the outcome of the election, dismantling white supremacy and participating in the movement for racial justice are the only ways forward to a thriving multiracial democracy. Leaders have organized anti-racism trainings to cultivate commitment to personal and collective liberation — from Long Island, New York to Prince George’s County, Maryland.

Hello to our newest group — welcome South Jersey!

Bend the Arc: Jewish Action South Jersey is hosting their very first public meeting next week! They’re already running election phone banks and leading direct actions in their area. Welcome, South Jersey!

This Jewish organizing is possible because of the commitment of our members on the ground, and the generosity of our donors. Can you contribute $18 today to keep moving this work forward?