Add your name: Solidarity with El Paso

This post is written by Jonathan Mayo and Avigail Oren, two of the leaders of Bend the Arc: Pittsburgh. You can read their full op-ed in TIME here.

We in Pittsburgh are here to tell the people of El Paso, Dayton, Christchurch, Poway, Charleston and every place where the politics of hatred turns to bloodshed that we will not allow this division to happen. We grieve with you and we stand with you in solidarity.

When 11 Jews were murdered at Tree of Life synagogue last year, we told Trump he wasn’t welcome until he denounced white nationalism and stopped his assault on immigrants and refugees.

His refusal to do so has led to more tragedy.

Our hearts in Pittsburgh are breaking for El Paso in the wake of another white nationalist attack emboldened by President Trump.

It’s why we wrote this letter of solidarity to El Paso and all other victims of white nationalist violence.

Read and add your name to the Pittsburgh letter of solidarity to El Paso.

Our letter describes how the President has empowered, enabled and encouraged white nationalism, sowing hate to divide.

But we always have a choice. We can let our communities become divided and let hate win — or we can unite. We invite you to join us as we reject hate and division, embrace diversity and inclusion, and build a country where all can live, love, and thrive.

Add your name to the open letter in solidarity with El Paso and all victims of white nationalist violence.

El Paso: We grieve with you. We are with you.

Dayton: We grieve with you. We are with you.

We will always have your back. We will never stop fighting together.