Bend the Arc: NRCC Must Withdraw Hateful Ad That Relies On Antisemitic Imagery


CONTACT: Elliot Levy,, 202-800-7409

New York – Bend the Arc: Jewish Action today called on the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) to take down a television ad that features antisemitic and racist tropes.

The ad, which targets Dan Feehan, the Democratic candidate in Minnesota’s 1st district, depicts George Soros in classically antisemitic form as a shadowy figure masterminding and funding a wide range of political activities amidst piles of money and apocalyptic fires. The antisemitism behind the Soros conspiracy theories has been well-documented by the Anti-Defamation League and others.  The advertisement builds off of President Trump’s own conspiracy-mongering, most recently his greatly exaggerated accusations that Mr. Soros paid protestors opposing the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. The promoters of these conspiracy theories single out Mr. Soros’ giving to progressive causes and are silent about other larger funders of political activity, such as the Koch Brothers, the Uihleins and Sheldon Adelson — conservative donors whose political giving far exceeds that of Mr. Soros.

“This ad demonstrates the disgusting lengths the Republican Party will go to to use the politics of fear to hold onto power at any cost, no matter the damage they cause to the fabric of our society,” said Stosh Cotler, CEO of Bend the Arc: Jewish Action. “The GOP has fully embraced President Trump’s white nationalist politics — which includes weaponizing antisemitism and racism — and they must stop now. Beyond the unmistakable antisemitic overtones of this ad, its depictions of people of color as controlled by powerful Jewish donors are also deeply racist, and its depictions of all protesters as violent arsonists are dangerous to free speech. The NRCC must immediately pull this ad and apologize for its attempt to gin up hate among American voters using these false, offensive and profoundly dangerous political tactics.”

Bend the Arc: Jewish Action is a leader in calling out Trump’s white nationalist agenda and the influence of white nationalism within the Republican Party. Ms. Cotler authored a Salon op-ed tied to the anniversary of the Charlottesville protests in August explaining how Trump’s agenda brings white nationalism into the mainstream of American politics. She also previously co-authored a piece for Alternet laying out Trump’s ties to antisemitic movements and ideologies and his efforts to promote them.