Bend the Arc: Trump's 'Despot' Tactic of ‘Dehumanization’

Bend the Arc: Trump's 'Despot' Tactic of ‘Dehumanization’

May 17, 2018


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New York – In response to President Trump’s disgraceful and chilling statements yesterday, Rabbi Jason Kimelman-Block of Bend the Arc Jewish Action said:

“In calling the immigrants he has deported “not human” and “animals,” Trump is yet again reading aloud from the despot’s playbook. The President’s dehumanization of people who do not look like him is horrifying, but sadly, not shocking. It’s exactly who he’s shown himself to be from day one of his campaign. We know where dehumanization and scapegoating lead. As Jews, we have seen this before. 

We are calling for all elected officials, especially those in the President’s party, to unequivocally denounce these hateful and dangerous remarks.”