Bend the Arc: Trump Refugee Cuts ‘Nakedly Cruel,’ ‘Authoritarian’

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 17, 2018

CONTACT: Elliot Levy,, 202-800-7409

New York – Following the Trump administration’s announcement that it will admit no more than 30,000 refugees into the U.S. this year, down from the current cap of 45,000 and the previous administration’s cap of 110,000, Stosh Cotler, CEO of Bend the Arc: Jewish Action, released the following statement:

“The Trump administration’s announcement is an extraordinary act of policymaking, grounded only in cruelty and xenophobia. This is what happens when ideologues like Stephen Miller are given power in this White House and free reign to reshape our immigration policies in their vision of white nationalism. The failure of administration officials to consult Congress as legally required just further demonstrates their complete disregard for the rule of law. As a people who deeply understand the plight of the refugee and are sensitive to the dangers of authoritarianism, we condemn this Administration’s naked cruelty.”