Bend The Arc: Trump’s Speech Filled With ‘Lies And Fearmongering’ In Attempt To Manufacture a Crisis


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New York – Following President Trump’s address to the nation regarding the government shutdown and his demands for a border wall, Stosh Cotler, CEO of Bend the Arc: Jewish Action, released the following statement:

“Jewish Americans recognize President Trump's address, which was packed with lies and fearmongering about immigrants, for what it is: a dangerous tactic straight from the authoritarian playbook. History shows the danger we all face when hatred and fear of the ”other” translates to government policy.

“This speech is the latest in an extended campaign by Trump to attempt to manufacture a crisis in order to scapegoat whole populations and justify his Administration’s policies of hatred, violence and suffering. We will never forget that this President's anti-immigrant hysteria and rhetoric incited violence in the final days of the midterm elections. We will never forget the thousands of children essentially kidnapped from their parents, the immigrants who have lost their lives in detention, or the millions of people whose immigration status – and thus their safety and security — has been callously threatened.

“The border wall is more than a wasteful, dangerous and senseless endeavor. It’s a profound symbol of the white nationalist worldview espoused by the president and his allies: immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers are not welcome here and must be kept out at any expense. The true crisis is this administration's cruelty, immorality, and disregard for the law.”