We cannot be silent.

We cannot be silent.

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As American Jews, our position is clear: These camps must be shut down. These raids must end. 

No human being belongs in a cage. No one should be criminalized for their legal right to seek asylum. But that’s exactly what our government is doing to immigrants right now.

Immigrant children are being separated from their families and placed in dangerous, overcrowded camps with limited access to food, water, and shelter. Six children have died in federal custody since September. And a doctor who visited a Texas camp said it “could be comparable to torture facilities.”

The agencies perpetrating these abuses in our name must be defunded and held accountable. History will judge us for how we respond right now.

As Jews, we’ve seen this before. These policies echo the worst of Jewish history and the worst of American history. And we will not be silent now.

We’re mobilizing our Jewish communities to take action to shut down these camps once and for all. Add your name now and you’ll be the first to hear about our plan to take action where you live.

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