☎️ Rapid Response for #StopCopCity: Calls needed NOW

☎️ Rapid Response for #StopCopCity: Calls needed NOW

September 08, 2023

UPDATE 09/11/23: All five people arrested at the Cop City construction site protest have been released. Follow the movement for more opportunities to aid the fight to Stop Cop City


You may have heard about the increase of arrests in Atlanta targeting protestors with the Stop Cop City movement. Earlier this week, 61 activists were indicted on racketeering charges, and five of them were also indicted on domestic terrorism.

Yesterday, five more protestors were arrested as part of ongoing actionsOne of those arrested is Ayeola Whitworth, a local activist and member of Congregation Bet Haverim. We are hearing from her Rabbi that she has not had access to her medications, and the police are dragging their feet and postponing her hearing with no reason. 

Call the DeKalb County Jail to demand that Ayeola Whitworth be given access to her medication and that all five activists be released. 

Dekalb County is purposefully making it difficult to get our calls through, so try all of these numbers to share our demands:

DeKalb County Jail Hotline: 404-298-8400 

Medical Hotline: 404-298-8525

Bond Department: 404-298-8195

Ayeola’s arrest and the arrest of other protestors is part of a campaign to criminalize our right to assemble and express our views through protest.

Make a call today to demand Ayeola be given her medication and all activists are released! Share this graphic with your networks so we can flood the phone lines.