☎️ Make a call TODAY to stop ICE and CBP's hate

Join Jews & allies for immigrant justice — make a call today.


Movements are rising across the country for a multiracial democracy where all of us are safe and thriving.

On Sunday, young Jews helped drive 1,000 messages to Congress to hold this administration responsible for their attacks on immigrant communities.

Yesterday, young immigrants went to the Supreme Court to sue President Trump for ending DACA protections.

And today is a day we can all participate in. Join United We Dream, Indivisible, Faith in Action and more as we drive calls to tell Congress: block Trump’s anti-immigrant agenda by preventing more funds from flowing to ICE and CBP and holding these agencies accountable.

Join the national call-in day to demand that Congress defund hate when they vote to fund the government next week.

On the last funding bill in September, the Defund Hate coalition — including Bend the Arc — helped successfully block millions of extra dollars to ICE and CBP.

Now, we can and must do it again.

Government funding runs out on November 21, and Congress will decide whether to give ICE and CBP the big lump sum the Trump administration is asking for.

ICE and CBP are the two agencies that continue to separate and terrorize immigrant families. By cutting their resource pipeline, we can protect immigrants and each other.

Join Bend the Arc and allies for the National Defund Hate Call-In Day today — Wednesday, November 13th — to demand Congress hold ICE and CBP accountable.

At the call-in page tool you’ll find an easy form. Enter your phone number and you’ll get a call back immediately that connects you to your Representative. There’s a script with talking points so you can communicate the exact demands.

Thank you for joining with us today — and every day.