Jews Say #WeRemember: Week of Action to Hold ICE & CBP Accountable

The Days of Awe are here. Between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, Bend the Arc leaders have events planned across the country to demand their members of Congress stop our government’s cruelty against immigrant families.

Today alone, Jews in 📍Long Island, NY, 📍Cleveland, OH, 📍Los Angeles and 📍the Bay Area, CA are organizing to say “We remember and we demand action.”

Our week of action will be so much more powerful if EVERY member of Congress hears from the Jewish community loud and clear — add to the chorus right now.

Email your member of Congress using this quick form: “It's the Jewish New Year. Hold ICE and CBP accountable for cruelty against immigrants.”

We remember the names of the children who have died in US custody.
We remember the families kept in cages, without soap, blankets, or water.
We remember the screams of children whose parents were rounded up in raids.

This is a critical moment to contact your member of Congress because the biggest fight on immigration this year will be over funding, and the Trump administration thinks the public isn’t paying attention.

The Administration is continuing to ask Congress for billions of dollars to escalate its cruelty against immigrant families and communities. But if thousands of us take action alongside our partners we can to get Congress to stop them.

That’s why today through Sunday, Jewish leaders across the country are demanding their members of Congress cut funding to ICE and CBP and hold these agencies accountable — to directly combat Trump and remove the resources that enable the violent enforcement of his immigration policies.

Send an email to your member of Congress right now to demand accountability for cruelty against immigrant families this year — here’s the link.

As we reflect during these high holidays, and as we approach the anniversary of the shooting at the Tree of Life synagogue, we know that the Trump administration’s attacks on immigrants are rooted in the same white nationalism that has targeted the Jewish community, the Muslim community, indigenous folks, people of color, and people with disabilities.

We know that the only way to win is to show up together, in solidarity. Will you join us?

Make Defund Hate part of your Days of Awe by writing your Member of Congress: take action now.