Jewish Group on SCOTUS Muslim Ban Ruling: “History will judge this ruling harshly”

Jewish Group on SCOTUS Muslim Ban Ruling: “History will judge this ruling harshly”

June 26, 2018


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New York – In response to the Supreme Court ruling upholding the latest iteration of the Muslim ban, Bend the Arc: Jewish Action’s CEO Stosh Cotler said:

“Our hearts are broken by today’s Supreme Court decision on the Muslim Ban, which we believe will be remembered in history alongside Dred Scott, Korematsu, and other cases where the highest court in the land failed to deliver justice.

Scapegoating people of one religion, restricting their travel, separating families across international borders — the Jewish community has seen this before, and we must raise our voices now. We know that this policy of discrimination is part of this Administration’s larger effort to target Muslim people, surveil their communities, turn them away from our country, and deny them professional opportunities and access to their families. History will judge this ruling harshly.

We move forward with heavy hearts, but also with full resolve and commitment to continue working alongside our Muslim allies to resist these authoritarian measures and defend the core American principle of religious freedom and fairness to all. We must continue to mobilize to elect a Congress that will hold this Administration accountable and will act as a meaningful check on executive actions based in bigotry.”