Justice is the best filling for hamentashen

It’s almost Purim, and this holiday mixing joyous celebration, political satire, and historical trauma couldn’t be coming at a more appropriate moment.

This year, we’re inviting arc benders — that’s you —  to reflect on immigrant justice as you celebrate Purim. Below you’ll find more info on an important new video on immigration and how you can post in solidarity about Purim on social media.



Watch the new #DefundHate video about why we need to cut funding to ICE and CBP, agencies that terrorize immigrant communities every day —

Bend the Arc is a proud member of the Defund Hate coalition, led by Detention Watch Network, United We Dream, and other partners fighting for immigrant rights. So far, the coalition has successfully blocked over $5 billion in funding for border militarization and immigrant detention.

Just last week, Trump released his budget for FY2020 and it’s bad for immigrants and all of us. Negotiations and voting will start soon and we’re ready to fight for cuts to any funds for the wall, cages, or raids.



Take a photo of your hamentashen with #DefundHate.

To demonstrate solidarity with immigrant communities who are under attack, we’re asking you to take a photo of your hamentashen or your Purim party and post it to social media with #DefundHate. Extra points if you tag your member of Congress (who will be voting on funding for ICE and CBP). Download the one-pager.

When you post about Purim and #DefundHate you'll be amplifying the work of the leaders of Bend the Arc's Silver Spring Moral Minyan, who are delivering hamentashen on Thursday to every Jewish member of Congress along with a note to cut funding for ICE and CBP.

The timing increases the urgency:

  1. The Christchurch terrorist attacks demonstrate the fatal threat of xenophobia and white nationalism.
  2. Last week, the House introduced The Dream and Promise Act, which would protect over 2 million undocumented people.
  3. Children are still being separated from their families. This month, DHS Secretary Nielsen testified that kids are still being held in cages.

Our goal right now? Increasing the number of Congressmembers committed to defunding hate, educating our Jewish communities, growing public momentum, and combating the normalization of white supremacy. You can help by taking action this Purim.

Download the one-pager for instructions on how to take a photo celebrating immigrant solidarity this Purim.

In solidarity,

The Bend the Arc team