Congress votes TODAY. Make one call to hold Trump accountable.


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TODAY Congress will vote on really important bills to fund the government through October 2020.

The good news: The Defund Hate coalition (which Bend the Arc is a part of) has succeeded in blocking Trump’s requests for BILLIONS of dollars for his wall, detention, and deportations.

But Congress ALSO needs to stop Trump’s ability to grab money from other budgets to harm immigrant communities, like he did with FEMA.

Make one call so your Rep knows that when they vote today, they must hold Trump accountable.

Today is the budget vote. Tomorrow is the House impeachment vote.

Trump’s abuse of his budget authority — moving money to fund his wall and terrorize immigrant communities — is another version of the abuse of power at the core of impeachment.

Congress needs to hear that American Jews demand protections of our democracy and the communities most under attack by Trump.

Use this easy tool to call your Rep and say, “When you vote today, hold Trump accountable and protect immigrants.”

In solidarity,

The Bend the Arc team