Election Day 2024 is a year away

Election Day 2024 is a year away

November 09, 2023

In the midst of the tremendous pain, grief, anger, and fear that so many of us are feeling right now, this week’s election results brought me real joy and hope. And with Election Day 2024 just under a year away, they also sparked a question: 

How do we want to feel a year from now, on Election Day 2024?

I yearn to feel a sense of accomplishment, joy, and relief, knowing that American Jews and our allies successfully defeated the MAGA Republicans that endanger all of us and elected the strongest ever progressive bench in Congress.

To power our election work and make this vision real, we need early investment from supporters like you. 

The one-year countdown starts now. Donate $18 today to jumpstart our 2024 election work.

What’s at stake:

There is a very real possibility of MAGA control of our federal government — Trump back in the White House with an undivided GOP Congress, enabled by a right-wing Supreme Court already intent on rolling back our basic rights. 

The future the MAGA movement and the Republican party want to build is a future where our multiracial Jewish community and all other groups targeted by white supremacy are not safe. And the damage they would do to our safety, our democracy, and our shared future would be generational

None of this is exaggeration or hyperbole. The stakes could not be higher.

Now for the good news. Like in 2020, we have a plan to mobilize American Jews alongside our neighbors, allies, and partners to win BIG in 2024. As Bend the Arc’s Washington Director, I'm writing to you today to share that plan.

How we'll win:

We’re investing in high impact races and candidates:

  • where our Jewish grassroots mobilization can make a difference on the ground,
  • where high voter engagement and turnout can help tip the scales for races up and down the ballot
  • where there is the potential to expand progressive power, and
  • where a win can make a difference in the balance of power in Washington.

This election will be decided by voter turnout. And starting now, we’re mobilizing around key races in places like Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Ohio, Michigan, and Georgia. 

The power, strength, and dedication of our movement — when we show up in full force alongside our partners — makes me feel hopeful about the work we’ll do together over the next year. 

What it will take:

The stakes are high, and we have big plans and an amazing movement of Jews and allies like you who care so much about this fight. But our work to train volunteers around the country, support candidates, turn out voters, and shape the narrative of this election requires resources. 

Can you rush a gift of $18 today as an early supporter of our 2024 election work?

I really mean it when I say that none of this will be possible without generous support from people like you. Thank you so much for being with us in this fight.

In solidarity, 

Rabbi Jason Kimelman-Block
Washington Director, Bend the Arc: Jewish Action

PS: Can you share this blogpost with three people to help grow our movement ahead of 2024? Building power now will help us get an early start in our 2024 election work.

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