Our resilience powers our resistance


There are less than 72 hours left in 2019.
Help us continue the fight in 2020.

When I think back on what gave me hope in 2019 — and really, over the last 3 years — I think about our resilience as a community. 

Every morning we wake up — all of us — unsure what President Trump and his enablers will do. What anti-Semitic or white nationalist tropes they'll sling, what policies they'll try to enact, what tactics they'll use to rile their base at the expense of all of us.

Too often we wake up hearing breaking news of another attack in our communities, like the horrific stabbings during a Hanukkah celebration in Monsey, New York last night.

But every day, we choose to show up with and for each other. We plan rallies and actions, we organize in cities across the country, and we show up at town hall meetings to confront elected officials. We refuse to let Trump’s hateful rhetoric define the future of our communities. Bend the Arc has been leading this fight in the Jewish community since Trump’s candidacy in 2015 — and we plan to win.

This movement is powered by you — more than a hundred thousand Jews and allies, taking action together, organizing in your communities, and donating to make everything possible. I’m asking you today to power this movement to victory in 2020 by making a donation before the end of the year. We need your help to continue this fight in 2020.

I'll be honest: I don't know exactly what's in store for our community and our movement in 2020. Saturday's attack in New York is the 13th act of anti-Semitism in the state in the last three weeks. But I know that we must not allow our pain to be exploited to score political points, to spread fear, or to endanger other communities. I know we're going to need each other, and I know we can get through whatever comes, together.

We're going to need to be even more powerful and even more resilient, and that starts with what we do in these final days of the year. Together, we’re going to keep showing up, more fiercely and committed than ever before to build an America where we all belong — no matter our race, or our religion, or how long we’ve been here. 

With gratitude,
Stosh Cotler, CEO

P.S. The stakes for 2020 couldn’t be higher. And right now, we’re still $38,000 from meeting our numbers for 2019. Your gift right before the end of the year will ensure that we have the resources to win in 2020 — make your donation now.