📷🍎🍯 PHOTOS: 18+ Jewish #WeRemember Actions to Hold ICE & CBP Accountable

Powerful images from Jewish actions across the country.

Yesterday, we emerged from Yom Kippur to learn that a white nationalist gunman in Germany targeted Jews at prayer, spewing antisemitic and anti-immigrant rhetoric and killing two bystanders outside the synagogue and a Turkish restaurant. It's another devastating example of how white nationalism is targeting Jewish and immigrant communities.

We must keep showing up for one another — because none of us are free and safe until we are all free and safe.

Here’s how Bend the Arc leaders organized — between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur — public, Jewish demonstrations for immigrant justice across the country: 17 cities, 19 events, 3,000 emails sent to 381 Members of Congress.

Our demands for holding ICE and CBP accountable are spreading, and we’re bringing more people in every day, but our original campaign budget ran through the end of October — and the new government funding deadline is November 21. Can you help us keep up the momentum, and ensure we have the resources to train leaders, buy action supplies, hire Jewish artists, and more?

Donate $18 to the Jewish fight against white nationalism, and for immigrant justice in the November budget showdown.


Over 17 local Bend the Arc groups and partners showed up across the country to push their members of Congress to act during the #WeRemember week of action. Here are some highlights:

📍SAN LUIS OBISPO, CA: 200 Jews, immigrants, and allies — including the Mayor — gathered at the courthouse. People wept as they recited the names of those who have died in ICE and CBP custody, placing rocks on rows of photos.

📍CLEVELAND, OH: The Cleveland Moral Minyan held their first public action — a vigil at Rep. Fudge's office to demand she change her position on Defund Hate.

📍LONG ISLAND, NY: The conference room in Rep. Rice's office was filled to capacity with Jews and allies, including Bend the Arc’s close local partner, Make the Road, who shared how much it meant to see the Jewish community showing up so visibly on this issue.

In September’s budget negotiations, the Defund Hate Coalition and Bend the Arc succeeded in making sure Congress denied President Trump’s requests for billions of extra dollars for detention and deportation. 

Now, we’ll have to do it again in November — but we’re ready with a plan, trained leaders, and the flame of solidarity in our hearts.

Donate $18 to help Bend the Arc push Congress to hold ICE and CBP accountable and win justice for our immigrant family.

In solidarity, 

The Bend the Arc team

“In its own way, the congressional budget is a Book of Life.
How money is appropriated to ICE and CBP literally determines whether and how migrants will live or die.”

— Rahel Ruiz, Bend the Arc: Bay Area

“We must take care of one another. My people were once persecuted, and could be again in the future.
Currently I have safety and security in my daily life, but I must speak out for those being persecuted and living in fear now.”

— Jeni Hollander, Bend the Arc: St. Louis