We will not accept an America where massacres in synagogues become normal.

On Shabbat, on the last day of Passover, a gunman opened fire at the Chabad of Poway in California.

Exactly six months after the shooting at the Tree of Life Synagogue, we mourn another victim — Lori Gilbert-Kaye, who was murdered attempting to protect her rabbi. May her memory be for a blessing.

Our hearts are broken as we enter another mourning period in the wake of antisemitic violence in our houses of prayer.

This violence, driven by hatred and bigotry, must end. The shooter in Poway has also claimed responsibility for an arson attack on a nearby mosque last month. Americans, Jewish and all others, deserve to be safe, and we deserve elected leaders who care for our lives.

Acts of white nationalist violence are sadly not ‘hard to believe,’ as President Trump said in response to the shooting. Not when white nationalism has been mainstreamed in American politics. Not when this hatred has been emboldened through radical policies, which harm the same communities targeted by white nationalists.

Our hearts are broken, too, for our country: as Black churches and mosques burn, as Muslim people are banned, as LGBTQ people are pushed out, as immigrants are held in cages.

We will never stop rising up together, in solidarity, to fight for our collective safety. Thank you for being part of a movement that is building solidarity within our Jewish community and with our allies to to defeat white nationalism and to bring into being a multi-racial democracy where all of us can live, love and thrive.

As Jewish communities across the country organize in response to the Poway shooting, and all white nationalist violence, Bend the Arc will be there and we will communicate ways you can participate and support.

In solidarity,

Stosh Cotler, CEO


PS: This beautiful message from Carin Mrotz at Jewish Community Action, a Bend the Arc affiliate in Minnesota, brought me sweet and bitter tears, and I want to share it with you. We will outlive them

---------- Forwarded message ---------
From: Carin Mrotz
Subject: A Note from JCA: We Will Outlive Them.

In 1939, as the Nazis worked to destroy the Jewish population of Europe, a group of Jews in Lublin, Poland, were ordered by their captors to sing as they were executed. One man in the group began to sing "Mir veln zey iberlebn, iberlebn, iberlebn” — "We will outlive them.” The song caught on. Soon the whole group sang and danced.

Their song was prophetic. Here we are, 80 years later, proving them right.

And while the hatred and violence of fascism and white nationalism still haunts us today, our resilience and solidarity - our power, together - remains stronger. Just as it was then.

Earlier today, on the six month anniversary of the Tree of Life shooting in Pittsburgh, a white nationalist terrorist walked into Congregation Chabad, in Poway, California, and shot at the worshippers celebrating the end of Pesach, injuring several, and killing at least one.

Our hearts are broken. And our hands are linked. We will survive this, like we always have, because of each other. Because of community. Because of solidarity. Because of love.

Stay beside us. Let your voice rise with ours. Join us in song.

Mir veln zey iberlebn, iberlebn, iberlebn.

We will outlive them.