Purim, Jewish safety, and stories from our field

Purim, Jewish safety, and stories from our field

March 22, 2024

Chag Sameach, happy holidays, from the Bend the Arc team, Simone!

Purim, which begins tomorrow night at sundown, has a special emphasis on celebration and joy. But the story of Purim also includes Jews responding to threats to our safety with violence upon the people of Shushan. Today we can make different choices for our generation and future generations of American Jews. Today we know that safety is only possible through solidarity, with our Jewish safety bound in all people’s safety.

You can read more on our Purim post on Instagram, and scroll down for highlights from Bend the Arc leaders organizing for a future rooted in liberation, love, and solidarity.

NY leaders campaigning for parole justice

Bend the Arc leaders from Riverdale and Long Island are lobbying in Albany, making calls, and canvassing alongside RAPP (Release Aging People in Prison) as part of their fourth year of campaigning for parole justice.

Image of Tami Sawyer, whom Memphis leaders just helped win her primary for Shelby County General Sessions Court Clerk

Bend the Arc: Jewish Action Memphis leaders endorsed and helped Tami Sawyer win her primary for Shelby County General Sessions Court Clerk!

Illinois Network for Pretrial Justice logo

Our Champaign Urbana chapter has chosen its next campaign: helping to pass The Pretrial Success Act in Illinois, joining again with the same coalition that helped Illinois become the first state to completely end cash bail.

Close-up of Bend the Arc: Jewish Action banner

There is more happening across the country, and many ways to get involved. Find your nearest group of Jews and allies here or donate to power this inspiring and impactful work.

✨ Chag sameach! ✨