Rally to support Dream Act

Rally to support Dream Act

September 20, 2017

Bailey Bryant
September 20, 2017
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CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) -- Dozens gathered outside Rodney Davis' office Wednesday with a message. They say they want the congressman to vote for the Dream Act of 2017.

It would prevent undocumented immigrants, who came here as children, from being deported. Many at the protest had a personal stake in this.

At least one is a Dreamer who could be deported if the Dream Act doesn't pass. She spoke at the event, but declined to go on camera.

There were about 70 0thers at the protest; many of whom were Jewish. They helped organize the event because they say their people have been where Dreamers are now.

One Jewish woman says if her father hadn't come here from Europe in the early 1900's, her entire family tree would have been wiped out.

One counter-protestor at the rally didn't want his words to be twisted but says he doesn't believe Dreamers bring anything worthwhile to the country.

Davis could not be reached for comment.

The protestors also delivered a petition, with more than 250 signatures on it, asking Davis to vote for the Dream Act.