Steve Bannon at CPAC: “MAGA will govern for 50 years"

Steve Bannon at CPAC: “MAGA will govern for 50 years"

February 23, 2024

As the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) kicked off this week, Steve Bannon made a horrifying prediction: the MAGA movement “will govern for 50 years.”1

And here’s the thing — he could be right. A Trump victory this year, combined with a Supreme Court already intent on stripping our rights, would change the fundamental rules of our society far beyond the next election cycle. But we have a chance to stop this from happening.

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The CPAC line-up doesn’t just include Steve Bannon — other notorious white nationalists like Matt Gaetz, Sebastian Gorka, Ken Paxton, and Donald Trump are also big-name speakers this year. And with antisemitic session titles like “Going Full Hungarian: Stopping Georgey Soros” and “The Globalists’ Threat to Sovereignty,” it’s clear that the society they envision is one where our multiracial Jewish community would not be safe.

The stakes for 2024 could not be higher. But we’ve defeated Trumpism at the ballot box before, and we can do it againThat's why need your support to train volunteers, support candidates, and turn out voters around the country this year.

In solidarity,

Rabbi Jason Kimelman-Block
Washington Director, Bend the Arc

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