How We Build Our Movement With Love: Pursuing Justice Community Values and Practices

Read our just-published Community Values & Practices for Pursuing Justice 2020

The work of building a thriving multiracial democracy begins with us and the way we are in relationship with one another.

Movement building — especially in times like these — takes trust, love, and solidarity. Today, we want to share with you how we’re going to center our values at our upcoming national gathering so we can be visionary and courageous together.

View our just-published “Community Values & Practices” for Pursuing Justice 2020 in Washington DC, May 3-5.

We are so grateful to the staff, leaders, and advisors from racial and economic justice organizations and movements that contributed to these guidelines for our time together.

The Community Values & Practices will be shared on posters throughout the conference space to place justice, equity, and our deep humanity at the center of every interaction.

By combining the strategic and the sacred, we can build both a movement that reflects our values and the world we envision.


In order to win in November and build the world we envision, we will need to create trusting partnerships across diverse movements. This work takes time and commitment, and will not happen by itself.

It’s why we’re so invested in this national gathering, and in you being there.

We hope you can join us.