Our strategy

Our strategy

A clear ‘North Star’

Our vision for true equity and liberation rests on the understanding that racial and economic justice are deeply intertwined, as are our collective liberation and safety. Throughout our history, Black-led movements in pursuit of equality, equity, and justice have made our country a safer and more democratic country for everyone.

The liberation of Black people must be at the center of any effort to dismantle white supremacy and bring about collective liberation and social transformation for everyone to thrive. When Black liberation is realized in America, democracy, economic justice, gender justice, immigrant justice, and more will also be realized.

Our vision identifies the full liberation of Black Americans as our north star — the ner tamid, eternal light — guiding all of our work to build a United States that is just and equitable for all who call it home.

Our Role as American Jews

As Jews, we are bound by our tradition and a moral imperative to fight for a just society where all of us are free from white supremacy, antisemitism, anti-Black racism, and all other oppressions.

Join us in building a powerful multiracial and multi-ethnic movement of Jews all across the country who are rising up to build an America we believe in but have yet to see — an America where everyone can thrive.