This Sukkot, we are depending on one another

This Sukkot, we are depending on one another

September 29, 2023

Tonight is the start of Sukkot, a celebration of harvest, care, and generosity. Our community has gathered on Sukkot since ancient times to welcome one another into the sukkah — a place of shelter, where needs are met and resources are shared.  

We are also on the precipice of another government shutdown driven by politicians who are willing to sacrifice our communities for their extremist agenda. A shutdown would impact millions of Americans and the services we need, from schools to food and senior programs.

Sukkot is a moment to reflect on the ways we can support each other — and depend on each other —  as a community. We open our tents to make sure our neighbors have what they need. Some of us have a bounty to offer inside the sukkah. Others are welcome inside, to share and to seek shelter.

MAGA Republicans want to make cruel cuts to critical programs, give billions of dollars to deadly immigration enforcement, and push anti-LGBTQ and anti-abortion legislation because these measures would otherwise not pass — so they are holding the government hostage to get their way. When a shutdown looms, we think about those who depend on an operating government to meet their needs and their safety.

This Sukkot, we’re thinking about how we can turn to one another for the resources we all need to thrive. Real community safety comes from all of us. How can we continue to protect each other, even under threat? 

Wishing you a chag sameach and shabbat shalom,

The Bend the Arc staff

PS: Speaking of the resources we need, last week we gathered outside the White House with partners to demand that the Biden administration stop funding harmful immigration programs. Watch and share a clip of Rabbi Jason Kimelman-Block blowing the shofar on Instagram, and watch his full speech on YouTube.