The Senate must pass coronavirus relief. Now.

Millions of people all across the country need immediate relief from the impacts of the coronavirus. We have an opportunity to unite and care for everyone during this crisis.

But Republicans in the Senate are focused mainly on protecting the wealthy.

We need all our Senators to hear from us today: put the needs of hurting families, workers, those who are sick, and those on the frontlines first.

Just yesterday, the House introduced a bill that would give financial relief to everyone in the country who needs it, fight the spread of the disease, and protect our democracy. That’s exactly what we need right now.

Senate Republicans are proposing blank checks for corporations as a solution, and coordinating with President Trump and Fox News to spread dangerous misinformation about the coronavirus and the necessary measures Democrats are fighting for.

It’s an absolute dereliction of duty.

We saw the failure of corporate handouts without worker protections in 2008, which did nothing to transform a system of crushing inequality. This moment must be different.

Bend the Arc is driving urgent messages from progressive Jews and allies TODAY — contact your Senator now.

In 2018, we helped flip the House and elect the most diverse Congress in the history of our country so that they could stop the spread of authoritarianism and protect and support ALL people.

That’s what the new House COVID-19 relief package introduced yesterday includes:

  • Money for rent, food, medical and debt bills
  • Testing and treatment for all, regardless of immigration status
  • Paid sick leave
  • Expansion of safe access to voting by mail during this crisis
  • Restrictions on Trump’s ability to transfer more money into ICE and CBP (the exact kinds of restrictions we’ve pushed for in all funding bills like this for years now)

Now the Senate needs to get on the right side of history.

This global pandemic is revealing the injustice and inequality that are always present in our country. It’s also revealing the power we have to care for millions of people who have been laid off or furloughed, who have lost or are still without access to healthcare, and who are unable to pay rent or get food for their families. We can take care of each other.

The same way that every act of social distancing is an act of love, every demand we make for the government to protect the most vulnerable is an act of solidarity.

RIGHT NOW, send a message to your Senator and tell them to do everything they can to protect all the people of this country.