This weekend we mourn in the streets

July 19, 2018

This weekend is Tisha b’Av, considered the saddest day on the Jewish calendar. We mourn the violence and destruction that our communities have survived over many centuries — including the destruction of the Temple, said to have been caused by baseless hatred.

This year, Jewish communities across the country are bringing Tisha b’Av to the streets to mourn the injustice in our time. For what is the injustice of America’s immigration system, if not baseless hatred? Hundreds of us will mark Tisha b’Av at ICE offices, detention centers, state houses, city halls, to say: Eicha/How is this happening? No, we will not stand idly by.

View the list of Tisha b’Av actions here

These actions are being led and organized by incredible Jewish organizations including T’ruah, Reconstructing Judaism, Carolina Jews for Justice, Jews United for Justice, Jewish Community Action, JALSA, HIAS, JFREJ, local synagogues, and more.

Because we as an American Jewish community continue to recognize that our country is in a state of moral emergency.

Trump’s administration is still cruelly detaining immigrant children and families. His Supreme Court pick is a threat to the rights of women, immigrants, voters, and more. And just this week, Trump revealed once again his disregard for our democracy.

This Tisha b’Av, we can draw upon our own history of grief and our tradition of resistance to make a public declaration against the cruelty of Trump and his administration. Join us.

View the full list of Tisha b’Av actions here.

However you’re marking Tisha b’Av, may you find strength and support in community.

In solidarity,

Rabbi Jessica Rosenberg
Rabbinic Organizing Fellow