Tisha B'Av in the streets

Tisha B'Av — known as the saddest day of the Jewish year — was this past Sunday. In Los Angeles, we mourned in the streets.


Last week in Los Angeles, Jews and allies continued the tradition of marking Tisha B'Av in the streets, crying out against violence in our immigration and carceral systems.

The tragedy of immigrant detention and deportation has not stopped, even with a Democratic trifecta in power. We persist in the work of repairing the damage of these last four years and beyond.

Public mourning organized by Bend the Arc, CLUE (Clergy & Laity United for Economic Justice), Never Again Action, the Interfaith Coalition for Human Integrity, SEIU 721, Nefesh, and IKAR. Photo credit: Rabbi Smuly Yanklowitz.

The action and car rally targeted Geo Group, the largest private owner of detention centers in the country, and Chase Bank, which invests in them, who both directly profit from incarcerating immigrant families seeking safety.

Across the country, Bend the Arc groups like ours here in Southern California are organizing for immigrant justice, economic justice, racial justice, and more. You can join a group to participate in actions rooted in Jewish ritual, campaigns for political change, and community building with leaders and organizers in your area and nationally.

There are over two dozen local Bend the Arc groups across the country. Check out this map and use the Sign Up link to get involved.

In the story of Tisha B’Av, “baseless hatred” contributed to the destruction of the Temple — the people were so divided against one another that they could not unify against a common enemy.

We experience the same dynamic in our country today, where right-wing political movements attempt to divide our communities for political power, policy, and profit.

And so we sat on the floor in mourning that we have not done more. We mourned for the pain of our people in Adelanto. We mourned for the sins of corporations like Chase and Geo Group. And we turned our grief into resistance.

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We mark Tisha B’Av to lament the fallen state of the world. We also believe that the seeds of liberation were planted at the moment of the greatest destruction. With our actions, our fight for justice, we nurture those seeds.

Thank you for making our Jewish community a place where we act together for liberation.Until justice is real,

Rabbi Aryeh Cohen
Bend the Arc: Southern California