Today: Trump is going to Pittsburgh, we're rising up everywhere (6pm)

The letter of demands from our Pittsburgh Jewish leaders has made national headlines, with over 130,000 people signing on through us and partners who jumped in. Thank you all — these demands are critical for the future of our country, and for our collective safety.

“Jewish group says Donald Trump not welcome in Pittsburgh
until he is ready 
to 'fully denounce white nationalism'”
— Newsweek

“Thousands signed a letter saying Trump was not welcome
in Pittsburgh. 
He plans to visit anyway.”
— Washington Post

Screenshot from Rachel Maddow last night

TODAY Trump is going to Pittsburgh, where he will be met with a massive march at 4pm by our Jewish leaders and allies.

If you are in or near Pittsburgh, please join.

We’re RISING UP AT 6PM local time across the country. We have events planned in NYC, DC, LA, SF, and Oakland. More will be added throughout the day.

View the map of actions:
Rise up with Pittsburgh today at 6pm.

If you are able to organize a solidarity event today at 6pm local time, or later this week, we’ve made a toolkit for you.

Download the toolkit to plan a rapid response
solidarity event in your community.

The toolkit contains: What to include in your event, a map where you can post your event and collect RSVPs, signs for printing, location ideas, and messaging guidance.

Trump is trying to change the topic, because our demands are too powerful for him to ignore. He just announced that he is preparing an executive order to end birthright citizenship, which is completely unconstitutional. This is the *same white nationalist violence* that caused the shooting at the Tree of Life Synagogue, and the killing of two Black community members in Kentucky this week. 

Trump is trying to distract us and rile up his base before the election. We won’t let him. We will not be divided. We are only safe in solidarity. 

The attack in Pittsburgh was no doubt targeting Jews just for being Jews. But we can’t make a mistake and forget that in this moment, all of us are under threat.

We’re asking people to join or host solidarity events in their community today to keep the message loud and clear — that we must rid our democracy of white nationalism.

Whether you can gather hundreds at City Hall, or a minyan of 10 at a local park, we hope you’ll rise up with us.