Trump's New Comments on Antisemitism are Bizarre

Trump's New Comments on Antisemitism are Bizarre

February 28, 2017

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Release Date: Tuesday, February 28, 2017

President said attacks on Jewish cemeteries and threats to JCC's are "the reverse" ... the reverse of what?

New York – Following reports that President Donald Trump suggested the recent spate of bomb threats at Jewish Community Centers and Jewish day schools across the county could be “the reverse, to make people—or to make others—look bad,” Bend the Arc Jewish Action CEO Stosh Cotler issued the following statement:

“This latest bizarre response from President Trump regarding the rise in antisemitism is nonsensical, bordering on the farcical. We struggle to even understand what he intends to mean. It seems he will put together nearly any possible string of words rather than admit there is a real and growing problem of antisemitic violence in this country and that he and his campaign bear some responsibility for it. It is, of course, deeply offensive to imply that Jews would desecrate sacred sites and scare children for political gain. The president should explain his remarks and, if they mean anything, probably apologize for them.”

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