Two years since Buffalo

Two years since Buffalo

May 14, 2024

Two years ago today, a gunman murdered 10 Black people, and injured three others, in a racist attack in a supermarket in Buffalo, NY. The shooter was inspired by the white supremacist “Great Replacement Theory” — a false conspiracy that claims that non-white people and migrants are taking over the country, in a plot orchestrated by Jews.

This is the same ideology that inspired deadly shootings in El Paso, Poway, and Pittsburgh.

Even after we’ve collectively witnessed violence directly inspired by these dangerous theories, members of Congress continue to cite and invoke “Great Replacement” through their language and actions.

They consistently refer to an “invasion” in an aim to dehumanize migrants and communities of color and make them targets for violence. They blame this “invasion” on powerful, shadowy entities (read: Jews). They position these communities (including Jews) as existential threats to our country. They put us in danger to empower themselves.

It’s intentional, and it’s increasingly normalized. Members of Congress have referred to peaceful migrants and asylum seekers as “invaders” or as an “invasion” at least 127 times in their official capacity in hearings, on the floor, on official social media, or in official press releases.

Chart from America's Voice a dramatic increase for political ads by year using "invasion" language.

Today, we remember the victims in Buffalo, alongside all victims of violence directly inspired by this dangerous rhetoric.

May their memories be for a blessing.

To build a world where all of us are safe and free — including Jewish people and all groups that are threatened by white supremacist ideology — we must reject these theories and those who use them to inspire fear, division, and violence.