Where Are Our Target Districts?

Where Are Our Target Districts?

Which seats are we targeting?

Many of our target districts are near cities where Bend the Arc supporters live, and there will be opportunities to volunteer in person. If you live far away from one of these districts don’t worry, there are many ways to plug in from wherever you live.


Interrupt Trump 2018 - Target Districts

Complete list of our target districts:

  • CA-10 Flip (Denham-R)
  • CA-25 Flip (Knight-R)
  • CA-45 Flip (Walters-R)
  • CO-6 Flip (Coffman-R)
  • FL-15 Flip (Spano-R)
  • FL-16 Flip (Buchanan-R)
  • FL-18 Flip (Mast-R)
  • FL-25 Flip (Diaz-Balart-R)
  • FL-26 Flip (Curbelo-R)
  • FL-27 Flip (Salazar-R)
  • FL-6 Flip (Waltz-R)
  • FL-7 Defend (Murphy-D)
  • GA-6 Flip (Handel-R)
  • IL-13 Flip (Davis-R)
  • MI-11 Flip (Epstein-R)
  • MI-8 Flip (Bishop-R)
  • MN-1 Defend (Feehan-D)
  • MN-2 Flip (Lewis-R)
  • MN-3 Flip (Paulsen-R)
  • MN-4 Defend (McCollum-D)
  • MN-5 Defend (Omar-D)
  • MN-6 Flip (Emmer-R)
  • MN-7 Defend (Peterson-D)
  • MN-8 Defend (Radinovich-D)
  • MT-At Large Flip (Gianforte-R)
  • NC-9 Flip (Harris-R)
  • NM-2 Flip (Herrell-R)
  • NV-3 Defend (Open seat)
  • NV-4 Defend (Open seat)
  • NY-1 Flip (Zeldin-R)
  • NY-19 Flip (Faso-R)
  • OH-12 Flip (Balderson-R)
  • PA-1 Flip (Fitzpatrick-R)
  • PA-17 Defend (Lamb-D)
  • UT-4 Flip (Love-R)
  • VA-10 Flip (Comstock-R)
  • WA-8 Flip (Open seat)
  • WI-1 Flip (Steil-R)


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