Why Are We Canvassing

Why Are We Canvassing

Why are we canvassing?

As Jews, our history and ethical tradition call us to be bold in this moment. Trump’s enablers in Congress are seeking to transform American society into an authoritarian, white nationalist state that protects the powerful and has no obligations whatsoever to the poor, the sick and the vulnerable. In the face of this threat, our voices as American Jews matter more than ever, and we know our allies are counting on us to speak out and make good on the promise we made to ourselves and the broader world of Never Again.

When we volunteer for canvassing shifts in key congressional districts, we’ll be using tested and strategic scripts with the goal of identifying likely progressive voters and helping to turn out the vote of the rising American electorate — the same communities most threatened by Trumpism.

But we also know that we are pouring our energy into this massive effort not only to interrupt Trump, but to lay the groundwork for a new progressive agenda. After the election, if we are successful, we will be able to translate the labor and resources we bring on the ground into the influence we need to make progress on critical issues of dignity and justice.

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What are we fighting for?

Immigrants rights

We refuse to accept a future where the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island are left to become empty symbols. We resist cynical efforts to scapegoat immigrants and we recognize the white supremacy underlying policies of inhumane regulations and deportations. As allies with contemporary immigrant communities to protect Dreamers and their families, Bend the Arc will continue to support the long term vision of comprehensive immigration reform that includes a path to citizenship for undocumented peoples that respects the dignity and rights of all.

Racial justice

Because we — as a multi-racial Jewish community — believe deeply in the inherent divinity, dignity, and humanity of every person, we believe it’s a moral imperative for us to work to end the centuries-old systemic racism of this country. We join as allies in critical policy fights around criminal justice reform that represent life-or-death issues for black and brown communities. We are unafraid to confront the rise in political support for white nationalist principles, which often intertwine antisemitism and white supremacy.

Muslim civil rights

We know what it means for a government to curtail the rights of some citizens based on prejudice. As a people who have faced persecution for our religious beliefs before, and still face hatred today, we ally ourselves with all religious minorities in this country who are working to secure lives free from fear, government persecution, or infringement on their right to worship as they choose. We must restore the civil rights for Muslim people in America that have been infringed upon by the Trump Administration.

Protecting our democracy

Democracy is built on the idea of the fundamental equality of all people. When all voices are heard, included, and acknowledged, we form a more perfect union. But when votes are systematically suppressed, when maps are punitive, when not all people are counted equally, we know that the true purpose is to rob communities of their voice and their power. We must join with our allies to strengthen and protect our country’s democratic institutions so everyone’s voice counts.