New episode: Yehudah shares his vision of safety

New episode: Yehudah shares his vision of safety

July 31, 2023

Hear Yehudah’s vision of safety in our newest episode of Your Safety is My Safety.

From Shavuot in May to the High Holy Days this fall, Bend the Arc is releasing a video series that highlights our visions of community safety beyond the limits of our fears. Today we’re sharing a new episode of Your Safety Is My Safety featuring Yehudah Webster.

Yehudah is a spiritual activist, community organizer, and Program Director and faculty at Inside Out Wisdom and Action Project. His work equips communities with the spiritual tools to subvert racism and supports collective organizing, advocacy, and direct service to dismantle racism systemically.

In his video, Yehudah shares his vision of the world to come:

“My vision for safety requires that we step into responsibility for the well-being and growth of others, as well as for ourselves and even for opponents … And at its foundation, it looks like maintaining a connection with Hashem, the fount of living water, to be accountable to values greater than ourselves and each other.” 

— Yehudah

We need that message more than ever. The front page of today’s New York Times shares the results of their first 2024 campaign poll, with Trump leading the Republican field by a landslide. While fear-based politics is clearly still potent, American Jews and the majority of Americans reject the MAGA vision for our country. The question our society faces is: will we choose bans, raids, and walls or a caring multiracial democracy?

This fall, Bend the Arc will continue to organize American Jews, and our country at large, to invest in community-based care and safety and divest from carceral systems like policing and prisons. From our synagogues to Congress, we’re building a movement of communities targeted by antisemitism, anti-Black racism, and MAGA politics to fight for the joyful future we all deserve.

Your Safety is My Safety is one place we’re sharing visions of the world to come. We hope you’ll watch and share videos from Yehuda, Enzi, Rachèl, and more here.

You can support these videos, and our local, state, and federal policy fights to come, with a donation here.

In solidarity,

The Bend the Arc team

PS: Last week we marked Tisha B'Av by sharing 40 Days of Teshuva, a short film featuring Yehudah and the 40-day public action he led after the murder of George Floyd in 2020.

Tisha B’Av is a time to face the grief of our broken world. What do we do the next day when we need to rebuild? Who do we reach for? What are our commitments? Your Safety is My Safety explores these questions and more here.