We’re Dismantling Antisemitism — Together.

We’re dismantling antisemitism — together.

While antisemitism targets and harms Jewish people of all racial and ethnic backgrounds directly, it isn’t an issue for Jewish communities to address in isolation. Antisemitism is used to deflect blame for the failures of those in power, to remove fundamental freedoms, and to weaken democracy. It is a core component of white supremacist and white nationalist ideology that is used to directly undermine movements for social, economic, racial, and gender justice. 

We cannot dismantle antisemitism without addressing anti-Black racism and all other forms of institutionalized oppression. And the reverse is true as well; we cannot dismantle anti-Black racism, nor any other form of institutionalized oppression, without addressing antisemitism. In this work, we draw on the wisdom of our ancestors Emma Lazarus and Fannie Lou Hamer: Freedom and safety for any of us depends on freedom and safety for all of us

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We know that antisemitism is a problem we can — and must — solve. The language we use will help us get there. 

The Dismantling Antisemitism Message Guide is a groundbreaking narrative intervention designed to replace an outdated and insufficient understanding of antisemitism. It provides clear analysis and language that our elected leaders, movement leaders, and Jewish community can use to fight for our collective safety and liberation.  

Cover of "Dismantling Antisemitism Messaging Guide: How to talk about antisemitism like we believe we can end it together— so that we can"

Dismantling Antisemitism Trainings

Now, more than ever, the right is using antisemitism as a tool to stoke fear and division. But we can fight back — and address antisemitism in ways that build our collective power and keep our communities safe. Sign up to join us for an upcoming training!

Groups we've trained include

HIAS logoIf Not Now logoJewish Council on Urban Affairs logoJewish Multiracial Network logoJewish Women's Archive logoJews for Racial and Economic Justice logoJ Street logoKeshet logoNational Council of Jewish Women logoT'ruah logoWorker's Circle logo

Brennan Center for Justice logoCenter for American Progress logoCHIRLA (Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights) logoFaith in Public Life logoFriends Committee on National Legislation logo Leadership Conference on Civil Rights logo Media Matters logoPolitical Research Associates logoSouthern Poverty Law Center logoSURJ (Showing Up for Racial Justice) logo

what people are saying

Testimonials on the Dismantling Antisemitism Messaging Guide and Trainings


I found a recent national training on antisemitism by the progressive Jewish organization Bend the Arc very insightful. These resources are not intended to “take a side,” but to help us avoid language that diminishes each other into false categories (for instance, identifying Jews with the actions of Israel’s government, which is antisemitic thinking). There’s really helpful language in here for countering racism in all its forms.

Pastor Michael Crosby
Chair of the Interfaith Alliance, Champaign Urbana

It was very insightful and unlike any other antisemitism training I've been in. For example, I loved that they emphasized that Black and Arab communities are disproportionately accused of and seen as the perpetrators of antisemitism, and they brought up that antisemitism is also sometimes at play from those who support Israel but it's not called out. They went over certain phrases and framing we should avoid and what to say instead, which was also useful. Thank you for forwarding this to me!

Feedback from a training participant

The training gave us language and guidance for our communications when antisemitism happens in our community, which we are already utilizing. The orientation, as described in the training, aligns with JUFJ's approach of how to respond when a coalition partner and/or friend says something that's antisemitic: slow down, consider power dynamics, be curious, and use it as an opportunity to deepen the relationship through honest feedback. We are eager to offer this training again to more staff and leaders.

Jews United for Justice staff

We’re Dismantling Antisemitism — Together.