American Jews call on Biden to transform our immigration system

American Jews call on Biden to transform our immigration system

May 25, 2021

We need your help in demanding President Biden follow through on his campaign promises of creating a roadmap to citizenship for millions.

Two months ago, the House of Representatives passed the Dream & Promise Act and the Farm Workforce Mobilization Act, but there’s still no relief for immigrants who experience the daily tragedy of raids, detention, and deportation because of obstruction by Senate Republicans. Because of the trifecta we helped win in November, there is another way forward.

It's complicated (and we explain it fully below), but President Biden can include a pathway to citizenship in the next COVID recovery bill, which can pass both houses of Congress without needing any Republican support. Together with the immigrant-led We are Home coalition, we want to make sure he does.

Join with Jews and allies across the country to petition the White House for immigrant justice — add your name.


This petition is part of We Are Home, a coalition led by United We Dream,
UndocuBlack Network, National Domestic Workers Alliance,
Detention Watch Network, National Immigration Law Center and more.

Here’s how we can get it done: As part of the reconciliation process, the next recovery package cannot be filibustered. We can transform our immigration system with 51 votes in the Senate — as long as President Biden includes a pathway to citizenship in the package.

Right now our partners in the We are Home coalition are also organizing letters from their communities to the White House for immigrant justice. With your help signing and sharing our petition, we’ll show the breadth and power of our movements, and the urgency of winning dignity and civil rights for immigrants demanding respect.

Our Jewish values, and our past and present history, make immigration policy deeply personal to the American Jewish community. We call on the President to go big, deliver solutions, and work with Congress to achieve long overdue breakthroughs. Add your name to demand a pathway to citizenship in the next recovery package.

As Jews, we know we will only be safe when every system built on centuries of white supremacy — including our immigration system — is transformed. Jewish families — here and elsewhere — have been denied entry, scapegoated, forced to flee, detained, and enslaved.

That's why Bend the Arc takes action with our partners for immigrant justice — from fighting for immigration reform in 2013 to winning protections at the state-level across the country to rising up for the Dream Act with the largest act of Jewish civil disobedience in the halls of Congress in 2018.

Now, after helping elect Democratic leadership in the White House and Congress, we’re demanding leadership that makes permanent protections a reality for millions of immigrants who support our country as essential workers and more. Add your name to demand President Biden include a pathway to citizenship in the upcoming recovery package.

Many undocumented immigrants (an estimated 5 million), including DACA recipients and Temporary Protected Status (TPS) holders, rose to serve our country as essential workers during this time of crisis — Biden’s relief package must protect them and their families.

During the last four years, we rose together with our neighbors against cruel immigration policies rooted in the worst parts of our country’s history. Now, our 2020 electoral victories mean we can start repairing the damage of these last 4 years and begin dismantling 400 years of racist systems. In 2022, we will organize to expand our Democratic majority in both houses but we must urgently use the current trifecta we won with our partners to pass transformational legislation.

Thank you for helping us grow and use our power to transform our country into one where everyone is truly safe.

In solidarity,

Bend the Arc: Jewish Action