The biggest, boldest, most progressive Build Back Better Package possible

The biggest, boldest, most progressive Build Back Better Package possible

October 29, 2021

Main text says "Jews say: it's time to deliver on". Below, text rotates through immigration, healthcare, good jobs, childcare, climate, hunger

Hundreds of us rallied yesterday for the Build Back Better bill, with organizations representing millions of Jewish Americans.
We’re building the power to help pass once-in-a-generation legislation — donate $18 today.

Yesterday, hundreds of Jews and allies came together for a powerful virtual rally to demand a country for all of us.

Co-hosted by Bend the Arc and Dayenu and co-sponsored by over two dozen Jewish organizations across the country, we raised our voices just as news broke from the White House that there was a new negotiated framework for the latest version of the Build Back Better bill.

But as our guest Congressman Andy Levin (MI-9) said, “I’m fighting right to the buzzer to make sure it’s as big and transformative as possible.” Help us build off the momentum from the rally and prevent the bill from being watered down by corporate lawmakers that would sell our future for profit.

We were joined yesterday by three of our Jewish allies in Congress — here’s what they said:

Rep. Jamie Raskin sitting in an office chair, talking to the camera, with a U.S. and Maryland state flag behind him.

“This is our New Deal. This is our Great Society program. This is our moment to move America forward.”

— Rep. Jamie Raskin (MD-08)


Rep. Jan Schakowsky, talking to the camera, with a bookshelf and poster behind her.

“Thank you. We’re not there yet, and that’s why this call-in-day is super important. Mobilizing actual people like you to make these calls can be the difference. It’s not just what we do in the Congress, it’s who influences the members to vote in the right way.”

— Rep. Jan Schakowsky (IL-09)


Rep. Andy Levin talking to the camera from a balcony in a Congressional building.

“We are fighting for the biggest, boldest, most progressive Build Back Better package we can get.”

— Rep. Andy Levin (MI-09)

Donate $18 today so that we can continue growing support for this once-in-a-generation package.

What’s next:

Yesterday, House Progressive Caucus Members agreed to the White House’s framework for the bill. Many of our priorities remain, including a pathway to citizenship for millions of immigrants, universal pre-K, and resources to fight climate change. But corporate lobbyists have spent over $1.5 billion dollars to gut this agenda — including cutting out paid family leave.

Next week, we must continue to flank our progressive champions as they hold the line to pass our FULL agenda — which they did yet again last night. And until the Build Back Better bill gets a vote and is on President Biden’s desk, we must continue to demand a bill that is as bold and progressive as our communities deserve.

We are thrilled by the incredible turnout of our Jewish communities at yesterday’s rally, but we know our opponents are organizing too. This is the final stretch: donate $18 today to help us deliver transformational legislation for our communities.

Fighting to the buzzer,

The Bend the Arc team