A CEO update

A CEO update

November 09, 2022

In August, we wrote to announce that Amy Spitalnick would be our next CEO. While we share values and mission, a long transition has led the Bend the Arc board and Amy to mutually agree to not move forward together. We wish each other only the best as we each continue to work toward our shared goals.

This is a critical moment of change and transformation for our country and for Bend the Arc. Because of that, we are excited to share that Jamie Beran is Bend the Arc’s next CEO.

Jamie is a truly exceptional leader ready to build a Bend the Arc that is rooted in a shared vision of liberation.

Her empathy, deep commitment to racial equity, and inclusive, collaborative approach have earned her the trust and respect of the entire organization.

Jamie has developed a sharp analysis on anti-Black racism, antisemitism, and solidarity across racial and religious lines that will be critical to our success in the future. She has been at the forefront of Bend the Arc’s newest chapter as a co-architect of our strategic plan and a leader of our internal process of transformation on racial equity.

And as Chief of Staff, Chief Operating Officer, and Interim CEO, she built the scaffolding that has and will continue to enable Bend the Arc to be the leading Jewish organization in the multiracial progressive movement.

In her fourteen years at Bend the Arc, Jamie has seen us through countless important milestones and transitions.

She has deftly guided us through periods of organizational growth, changing political terrain, and a global pandemic. Earlier in her tenure, Jamie was instrumental in ensuring a race-forward approach to our first national conference in 2016, built meaningful Jewish spaces for staff to mourn and respond to events of antisemitism, created a Culture Team to improve the work experience of our staff, and managed our multi-year salary equity project. Jamie has always led with intention, respect, humility, and an unwavering commitment to our people. And we will have many more opportunities for you to get to know Jamie over the coming weeks and months.

For now, the bottom line is this: We continue to envision a country free from white supremacy, antisemitism, and racism – one in which Black liberation is realized, our entire multiracial Jewish family is safe and free, and all people are thriving. And as we pour our energy into realizing this vision, it is clear to us that with Jamie’s leadership we will collectively get Bend the Arc where we need to go.


Ginna Green & Rabbi Sue Reinhold
Co-Chairs, Bend the Arc Board of Directors