On the cusp of victory for immigrant justice

On the cusp of victory for immigrant justice

January 25, 2024

For months you’ve been part of the movement to prevent dangerous, harmful immigration policy from passing in Congress. Now we’re on the cusp of a win (!!!) and need your help to seal the victory.

Negotiations are breaking down, and we need a final push to make sure the Senate doesn’t pass a bill that will worsen our immigration system and harm our immigrant family.

Join this movement for immigrant justice by sending an email to your Senators today — our tool makes it quick and easy.

We know that every call and every email counts, so even if you’ve already reached out to your Senators, they really need to hear from you again in this final push to victory for our immigrant family.

You’ll be joining hundreds of Bend the Arc chapter members who have been lobbying critical Senators — like in New York, Maryland, and Ohio — and Bend the Arc supporters nationally who have driven nearly 1,000 calls and emails.

As Donald Trump solidifies his hold on the Republican Party, we know that immigration is going to be a major part of this election cycle.1 But before we can fully shift our attention to defeating Donald Trump, we need to keep our attention on defeating this appalling anti-immigrant legislation in the Senate.

Send one more email today? Here’s the link to take action.

In solidarity,

The Bend the Arc team

PS: If you live in D.C., we share your frustration that you don’t have a senator to contact, and we’re advocating for D.C. Statehood too.

1. Politico Playbook, January 25, 2024.

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