When they try to silence us, we speak louder

When they try to silence us, we speak louder

May 07, 2024

Right now, the right is telling Jews we have to choose between free speech and Jewish safety — but we know free speech is necessary for Jewish safety. Read on to see how we’re mobilizing to protect democracy and Jewish safety, from campuses to Congress to the White House.

Campus: After the Anti-Defamation League's CEO Jonathan Greenblatt went on national TV to defame student protestors — many of them Jewish — by calling them Iranian government proxies, we mobilized with an open letter and petition calling on him to stop defaming student protestors. Our community responded enthusiastically, with nearly 2,500 people signed on to the petition so far, over 350,000 accounts reached on social media, and coverage in national publications.

Screenshot of Slate headline that reads: \

Screenshot of quote tweet from Leah Greenberg that reads "Grateful to  @jewishaction  for this. Clear, measured, unflinching. All of us invested in Jewish safety and justice for all need to demand better." Below is Bend the Arc's tweet that says "Read our CEO's response to @JGreenblattADL's Defamation of Student Protestors across the country." 

Last week, the House passed a gag bill disguised as the “Antisemitism Awareness Act,” which aims to silence criticism of U.S. support for the Israeli government. In contrast, we’re continuing our work with partners to fight antisemitism and protect free speech — to ultimately win the true multiracial democracy we’re fighting for.

Quote tweet from the ACLU that reads \

White House:
Despite past collaboration on the first-ever White House strategy to combat antisemitism, several Jewish organizations pulled out of a meeting with the Biden administration’s Secretary of Education last Friday because Bend the Arc and other progressive Jewish organizations were included. I participated and made sure the U.S. Department of Education heard our Jewish voices — and not just those working to silence diverse perspectives.

Headline from Jewish Telegraphic Agency that reads: \

We know that silence will never make us safe. That's why we're working to fight authoritarianism, protect democracy, and win a future where our multiracial Jewish community is safe and free.

I’m so grateful to be in this work alongside you and our broader movement. Thank you for being with us.

Jamie_Beran-2x.pngJamie Beran
CEO, Bend the Arc


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